Our company serves as a virtually unlimited resource and solution for individuals and corporations with financial data needs. In addition to our specialty forex data products we often act as a "Data" consultant to our clients prior to them going forward with a data purchase or subscription service. Because of our vast experience in financial modeling and trading systems and with personal experience dealing with data issues for more than 20 years we can bring our knowledge to bear on your behalf and make your data decisions the correct ones. The best trading methods and trading systems in the world are only as good as the data that born and continues to sustain them.

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Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clientele.

  • High Frequency Intraday and EOD Forex, Equity, and Futures Data
  • Historical EOD Global Equity, Futures, and Forex Update Service. Markets is the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Custom Data Consultations
  • Data Recommendations
  • Data Needs Asssesments
  • Custom Data Requests
  • Financial DataBase Technologies
  • Trading Model & Trading System Engineering/Programming
  • Financial Testing & Simulation Engine Design and Consulting
  • Financial Testing Hardware Consulting
  • Automated Trade Execution Consulting
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Dynamic Portfolio Selection Consulting

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Historical Currency Data