Custom and Ala Carte Data Pricing

Below are some example data resolutions, intervals we can offer our customers. Because every individuals data needs are different, the best way to get pricing for an order is simply by emailing us with details like...

- Pairs, Crosses or Symbols you need.
- Data Resolution/ Interval.
- Amount of history.

With this information we can better work with you on pricing your order. Please note there is a significant savings, value and price breaks associated with the more data being ordered. Please note there is a $150.00 minumum order amount.

Example Data Resolutions/Intervals

EOD Daily Data

60 Minute Data

30 Minute Data

20 Minute Data

15 Minute Data

10 Minute Data

5 Minute Data

1 Minute Data

1 Second Data

Bid/Offer -or- Tick Data

Contact Us for Pricing

Significant discounts may apply based on aggregate amount ( Months of Data ) ordered. If you require to further define your data order or request a specific quote you can Click Here to recieve a custom quote and pricing from us.
* Note this is for 24 hour, around the clock data which represents 3-4 times the amount of data per day than that of other more typical financial instruments.

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