Buzz continues to surround our proprietors engineering of the 64 bit financial engine code named "Twin Pegasus" argueably the finest global RT "As it happens in real life" simulation and backtesting engine. Touting limitless capabilities in the real time, interactive risk, money management and dynamic portfolio selection running processes, all while running on the global clock.

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Hardware Landscapes
With the advent and growing popularity of 64 bit technologies and massive memory mapping, financial simulations and the trade timing on huge portfolios can now be tested and researched at the tick and or minute resolutions opening up a whole new world of financial modeling, dynamic portfolio selection and interactive risk management.

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Quality Control Debate
The sinister effect of some data cleaning methods leads many funds to disaster and as a result the debate rages of whether to keep bad ticks in data but have the model handle them as apposed to running them on questionable "Clean" data and not be able to handle problematic RT feeds. We developed algorithms long ago to address these issues.

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We welcome all to speak with us regarding any issue they currently face. Surely we can give you an ear. If we can't answer the question we will know precisely where to find the answer. We prove our value and our knowledge every day even to the best traders in the world.

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