Historical Data Format

Our data can be provided in a robust, compressable, comma delimited ASCII, binary or metaStock™ format.

In addition, to compatibility with custom software, nearly all well-known retail charting and analysis software packages will read one of, if not both of our data formats, including but not limited to the following:

metaStock ™ (ver. 6.52 and above).
Advanced GET (MSFL option)
Omnitrader (ver. 4 and above)
Trade Station
Market Analyst
Wealth Lab
Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs.

Because the entire database is stored locally on your machine, with updates received each day, speed of data access by your custom analysis or commercial software is unparalleled.

Database Maintenance

This is done for you. The following actions are performed as part of regular database maintenance:

    Stocks / Equities

  • Prices are adjusted for changes to a company's capital base (such as stock splits, bonus issues, consolidations and rights issues).
  • De-listed securities are moved from the main database into a "De-listed Securities" folder.
  • Securities that have undergone a name or code change are refreshed to reflect the new name or code.
  • New securities that have been added to the database are assigned their full names.
  • Futures / Commodities

  • Prices for the actual individual contracts traded for each commodity.
  • Prices for aggregate data files such as continuous back adjusted and back adjusted spliced contracts. The latter retaining the premium gaps based on the same roll criteria used to create the continuous file, yet still displaying actual contract data.
  • Contract specifications and spot or cash accompanying data..
  • Ability to easily switch between continuous, spliced and individual contract data as well as the ability to set non-hindsight role rules for each market.
  • Forex / Currency Exchange Rates

  • Forex pairs and cross rate database
  • Inverse pair data for user convenience and custom cross rate creation.
  • Daily data based on NY EST, GMT-5 artificial close.

In addition, pre-defined lists of securities for Custom Folders are updated including global indexes, sector, and industry lists. This allows top down analysis while at the same time providing a means to eliminate survivorship bias.

Historical Data and Update Ease

We take the worry out of data and data maintenance For the price of an annual subscription fee, you can let us take care of everything and ensure that when you look at a chart, it’s the same chart that the professionals are looking at. This leaves you all the time to concentrate on your trading, analysis and research.

* metaStock™ is a registered trademark of Equis International, Inc.

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