ABOUT US was originally founded by a trader and financial modeler in an attempt to fill a personal need for quality research for himself and his firm and as a result also ended up creating a invaluable solution and resource for our clientele.

The lack of a central exchange and the many sources of cash foreign exchange quotes, including even now those of “Dealing Shops” have strewn the Forex data landscape with bad and in often times unrealistic historical quotes at both the end of day and the intra day resolutions. Some sources of this data are by organizations that either don't specialize in this data, wish you to deal thru them or are trying to sell there trading methods, both of which place their and your best interests at odds. In addition, some data includes “Fat tails” which means the data itself may have been stretched a bit because, as an example some obscure bank from a small country got a little over zealous in their quote even though you would have never dealt with them. These are only but a few of the issues.

What ever your data needs may be let us be your guide. With over 20 years of experience dealing and working with financial data we can direct you to the proper historical data source based on your need and budget. We can inform you as to the peculiarities, pitfalls and short comings of each source. is a VE owned company: a Dun & Bradstreet listed company for credit and asset quality.

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